About the Project

Deep Vibes is a musical project led by Michel Cloutier.  Over the past few years Michel has been writing new music exploring various musical styles with a jazz flavour while challenging himself as a drummer, vibraphonist and percussionist.  Deep Vibes is also a group of very talented Ottawa based musicians playing and improvising on these original modern jazz compositions.

Michel has played with most of the musicians featured here for well over 30 years in various bands, including The Vern Isaac Big Band and The Stevens and Kennedy Band. The musicians on the Upbeat CD are: Ian Clyne on Keyboards, Craig P. Kennedy on Guitars, Ken Seeley on Bass, Mark Ferguson on Trombone, Ed Lister on Trumpet and Mike Tremblay on Saxes and Flute.

What makes this project different is the variety of styles on the album, including latin jazz and smooth jazz and the predominance of percussion, drums and vibraphone. The rhythm section provides a solid groove allowing the soloist to create some memorable moments and the majority of the arrangements also include three excellent horn players giving superb performances.

Michel is the composer, arranger and producer of this CD. He was in charge of recording and mixing, as well as playing all drums, percussion and vibraphone parts. Following his life long passion for music, Michel obtained a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Ottawa and also studied jazz at Humber College. He has also played and recorded with Paul Demers and Purlaine and Ten Guitars among others. He currently plays with the Jonesey and Friends performing Beatles music, the Good Time Heart Band and the Heritage Hands Ottawa Drum Club. Early in his career, Michel spent many years playing percussion for Le Groupe de la Place Royale Modern Dance Group.





Work on the the new CD to be released in 2021, is well under way. 


Here & Now is the first single from the new album and features Craig P. Kennedy on guitar and Michel Cloutier on vibes.   



More new music will be released throughout the year